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DB Insurance strives to foster greater 
happiness in society in cooperation 
with our customers.
President & CEO
Jeongnam Kim


Dear customers,
I would like to express my deep gratitude for your unwavering support for and trust in DB Insurance.

DB Insurance, the first automobile insurance corporation established in the Republic of Korea, and all its executives and employees are doing
their absolute best to employ customer value management and socially responsible management under the vision of becoming a
“global insurance and financial group that brings greater happiness to society in cooperation with its customers.”

In recognition of its efforts, DB Insurance has earned the honor of becoming the first Korean non-life insurance company to be listed in the
DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices) World Index, which includes only 16 insurance companies around the world, for six consecutive years.
Despite the economic difficulties it has faced, DB Insurance has managed to maintain a rating of A(Stable) with S&P,
a global credit rating agency, for four consecutive years.

I believe that this accomplishment was made possible with the generous love and trust of DB Insurance’s 10 million customers,
to whom I would once again like to express my deep appreciation. I promise that all the executives and employees of DB Insurance will work
together to repay our customers for their support by focusing on our philanthropic activities and continuously striving to foster greater
happiness in our society.

I would thus like to ask for your continued interest and support, and wish you and your family good health and happiness always.

Thank you.


2020.07     CEO, DB Insurance

2017.11     President & CEO, DB Insurance

2010.05     President & CEO, Dongbu Insurance

2009.04     Executive Vice President, Personal Business Division,
                    Dongbu Insurance

2005.04     Executive Vice President, New Business Division,
                    Dongbu Insurance

2004.04     Senior Vice President, Management Support Division,
                    Dongbu Insurance

2003.04     Senior Vice President, Personal Business Division,
                    Dongbu Insurance

2001.03     Senior Vice President, Management Planning Team,
                    Dongbu Insurance

1979.02     Received bachelor's degree in public administration                                    from Dongguk University

1971.02     Graduated from Bukpyeong High School

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